Daffodil Festival

A while ago I went to Trhiplow Daffodil festival. 

It has the feeling of a traditional English village fate, with stalls to buy food, flowers and nick-nacks. They opened up the forge and demonstrated how horseshoes were made, and there was a group of historical re-enactment people doing their thing. I think they were showing us how they would execute a prisoner. There was a good cart-horse taking people on rides up and down the main road as well. 

Then of course there was the silly side of things. Some Morris dancers, and, for some reason, someone dressed up as a daffodil. 

And there was certainly no shortage of daffodils!

The star of the show though, in my opinion, was the church. So much effort and planning had been put into the flowers and decorations, it was amazing!

First Try at Astrophotography

Caroline bought me a telescope for my birthday. Tonight was the first night since then that it's been clear and I've been at home. I went out onto the balcony to have a go at some astrophotography!

It's pretty difficult to focus the telescope with the camera attached, since touching the focus rings causes the whole thing to shake. So I'm not convinced that I got it spot on. It was pretty close though. 

I managed to get 9 shots of the Orion Nebula before it clouded over. Each one had a 3s exposure time, and was ISO 12800. Below is the result of stacking the 9 images, and running them through some NIK collection filters.

You can see all the star clouds of it! (I don't know much about nebulae...)

Levada Walk

Caroline and I went to Madeira last week with her parents, for her granny's 90th birthday. While we were there, we went for a levada walk. It was beautiful! It started at a place called Ribeiro Frio (literally Cold Stream), just below a trout farm. Kind of odd, given that it was up in the mountains. 

The weather was good-ish, a bit on the cloudy side and definitely rainy towards the end. There was still plenty of opportunity for photography, despite that!

It took us about 3 hours to go the 11 km to the cafe where we had arranged to meet Caroline's parents. We stopped for a good lunch along the way, and I took one of the best photos that I ever have done. 

A good place to stop for lunch!